What I scoffed.

May 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey there folks! Happy Monday! I actually really dig Monday’s because I’m at uni all day, thus canceling out the possibility of any real work/labour. No, I never do anything productive at uni. That’s for geeks. I utilise the free internet, socialise, and read the paper in between classes. When I actually attend a tut, I usually catch up on my emails, blog status & any other wholly unrelated activity far removed from what I’m actually paying to be there & do.

I am an irresponsible student, oh yes. BUT I’m highly anticipating my change of tack to alternative medicine, and feel I’ll be much more motivated to do something that I’m passionate about. Bring on July!

I started the happy Monday with a big mug of Dandelion tea. Yummeh!

To celebrate the birth of a new week, I thought i’d create my own food baby with these Spelt Pancakes that i’ve featured before – with added banana & cacao powder. Topped with berries, and sweetened with nothing but love & Stevia. Good girl! Still avoiding Agave full stop, and am recovering from sugar fuelled romp last weekend in Newcastle.

Oh and by the by, am completely convinced that RADISHES are the most skin-loving, incredible, nutrient-packed morsels of all time! After eating them for two days (three counting lunch today!) my skin is creepily soft and caressable. I keep touching my cheeks and going ‘aaaaaaaah!’ like I’ve just petted a cute, downey duckling or something. Really, truly, that’s the only thing I’ve added to my diet and I can see a difference in the texture of my skin. This is an amazing discovery!

This is what I packed for uni today; little divider container with a ripped up wholemeal spelt wrap, hummus for dipping, carrot sticks & salad (feat. Radish) with an apple. Ended up also drinking green tea & eating another apple in the afternoon before French class – was très peckish.

For dinner, I made a big lucky-dip bowl of Quinoa, chickpea & vegetable tomato sauce/salsa/spicy concoction, sunflower seeds, Chia & savoury yeast flakes. It was tasty, but it took a while to get used to eating the quinoa with tomato as I’ve never had it like that before. All in all, I was a happy chappy after my culinary exploits today!

If you hate Mondays, why not wake up a little earlier and make them pancake Monday! Now THERE’S something to look forward to!


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