Operation; Cure me!

May 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Zzzzzzz. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, headache and that weak feeling that screams PATHOGEN ATTACK!

Well, enemy swine, THIS IS WAR.

It’s actually a rare day off for me and in usual style I had planned everything out in miniscule, to-the-hour detail so as to best milk the day of it’s juicy juicy goodness. Plans involved:

  • wake up, whip up a giant bowl of cacao porridge w/ Stevia & Dandelion tea.
  • head to get groceries early, before I have to beat through the crowds with a giant stick. Hate. Busy. Shops.
  • cleaning spree of house, involving loud music, daggy attire and rubber gloves.
  • read SMH and catch up on cultural happenings in order to appear intelligent & informed.
  • blog.
  • tackle an epic run around the beaches.
  • write a letter to my lovely Nan – we dig snail mail.
  • plan trip to Brisvegas to see extended family.
  • cook up kitchen wonders.
  • maybe attend friend’s 20th tonight if Nanna alter-ego permits.

Instead, had to bail on the run & preemptively cancel plans for tonight because of mystery illness. Did however, buy some amazing groceries, clean the house like an anally-retentive madwoman, and blast some sweet tunes, so still a happy Saturday so far 🙂

Grocery loot highlights:

Spelt wraps that were a million dollars, but will make excellente pizza bases.

Tray of baby sweet potatoes; the fetish grows stronger daily & shows no signs of abating.

Radishes on sale!

Replenished nut stocks with fresh Cashews, Almonds & Brazil nuts. Glorious.

Recent eats:

Yep. you guessed it; still rocking the steamed sweet potato craze. Served with salad & artichokes.

When I ran out of spicy veggie tapenade, I just mixed hummus, beans, tomato paste & hot sauce together to achieve a similar taste sensation. ANYTHING would work for this baby, it is the meal of champions – screw you weet-bix!

Have been drinking & eating a lot of young coconuts this week, because my amazing boyfriend brought over a whole stash as a present! He knows me too well; I was beyond stoked! I’ve been finding the coconut water & flesh really delish just blended up with some cacao powder. Simple, yet mind-boggling tasty.

You put the spoon in the coconut and…shove it in your face!

Drinking green smoothies from a stein. What of it? Us impoverished uni students can’t afford fancy glassware. Is it wrong that I try and pour it like a beer too, so it comes out with a head? Soon i’ll be carving shamrocks into the top and dancing around like a leprechaun.

I will never tire of the spirulina, cacao, berry, banana, spinach & rice milk combo. Too good.

Some random buckwheat pasta, tahini, spinach, lemon, corn & garlic combo. With savoury yeast flakes, of course.

Aaaaaand back to curing myself of the dreaded plague, which I have thought about some more and deduced it’s probably infected sinuses because of all the damn hayfever i’ve been getting lately. I think it’s the time of year, and living in a house with carpet may also be aggravating it a little. Not used to plush, cushiony floor coverings, more of a floorboards kinda gal.

So for lunch, I aimed to kick whatever it is that is inhabiting my head in the butt.

Because radishes have an extremely high vitamin C content, I thought they’d be a great thing to include in copious amounts in my meal. I don’t usually eat them, but I heard they’re brilliant for your skin too because they contain sulphur, so i’ll check my glow-meter tomorrow and report back!

Best colour and shape. Aren’t they pretty?

Made a very simple salad with mixed greens (rocket, spinach, lettuce), sliced radish, fresh lemon & sea salt. The radish is quite bitter, and I had visions of creating a salad with pear, walnuts & red radish to detract from the tartness. I was still really impressed with my chic llittle salad though; keeping ingredients natural & letting them speak for themselves is something I want to try & do more.

KA-POW. Punch to the illness factory with a kale, orange & banana smoothie. This was good. Real good. Vitamin C overload!

And the crowning glory – steamed sweet potato with hummus, tahini & melt-your-face-off chilli sauce (i’ll smoke it out!). The sweet potato thing would have to be one of the best discoveries of the past few months. I mean, I’ve always used them but making them like this has, i’ll be honest, changed my life & made me a better person. Oh, sorry, that was W.U.O.I (Written Under Oprah’s Influence).

I’m like a proud mother; glad I brought this meal into  the world & gave it a home.

Also planning to ingest some of this here ginger later on in hot water to try and help my poor, gummed-up face.

Hopefully, all this goodness will see the infection on it’s merry way. I am much too busy to be sick, let’s face it. Who has that kind of time?

Enjoy your Saturday my sweets! xx


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