An exercise in anger management.

May 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

I had to laugh at myself today. Or rather, I had to laugh to keep from collapsing in a snivelling heap of self-pity on account of my inexplicable talent for FAIL. ‘Fail’ as a verb. A doing word. And also as an adjective; to describe a concerningly frequent feature of my everyday existence!

Let me elaborate. Or perhaps a brief summary would be more appropriate.

My facebook status this morning:

in a mad rush, stopped to re-fuel the car only to have the pump explode petrol all over me and my clothes. Now am highly flammable, late for everything, and to top it off, when I came home and undressed like a wild animal to shower, the gardener saw me naked.

Hmmmm…good start to the day! So then, due to my run-in with the bowser, I was unable to go out and buy the ingredients for my bestie’s birthday cake… therefore had to improvise with ingredients from my mum’s cupboard, and concocted a half-healthy, half-terrible chocolate cake that failed to cook, and turned out like a thick, fudgy play-doh pie.

It had good intentions; spelt flour & cacao…but also a mother-load of white sugar and other unmentionables.

OH and i forgot to mention, that I totally wigged out on the sugar detox. ON DAY 1 NONETHELESS! Coming to my mum’s place presents a range of temptations and even though I haven’t touched agave, I proceeded to late-night snack on museli, bread & many many biscuits last night in some sort of fit of disordered eating.

Vowed to make amends today with a fresh start:

Carrot, apple & Kale juice.

Ancient juicing beast.

With some algae for good measure.

A brand new sugar free day! But for how long…?

Until Chelsea’s picnic in the park, obviously.

Birthday girl.

A beautiful wench, who can be found here.

Lighting the fail cake.

Unfortunately, the woeful quality of the baking meant that I was the only one who consumed any. And by any, I mean HALF. Sugar free day fail, round two. We also had a cake fight, just to celebrate maturity! Notice the crumbs in my hair?

So i’m feeling pretty flat due to my recent eating exploits, but i’m also trying not to be such a perfectionist and so sensitive to every little thing that happens in my life (ie. petrol shower; blowing off assignments; out-of-control gluttony). I think i’m trying to achieve some kind of glowing perfection in all areas of my life that is simply impossible – I think I need to take up yoga and be more of a peaceful being.

I need advice yo!


§ 2 Responses to An exercise in anger management.

  • Amanda says:

    Everyone has rough days, bad experiences, and those gluttoness eating episodes. Life would be boring and have no meaning if everything was perfect and these things never happened. The key is to deal with them in a positive way and a way that helps you grow as a person…for instance helping you realize you would like to find inner peace. I think you dealt with your difficult day in a light-hearted way and did not let it get you down, which is great! Don’t be so hard on yourself

  • bonne_santé says:

    Thanks Amanda! You are so right about variety (and gas-station run-ins) being the spice of life! I’m going to try and be more positive from now on 🙂 Blogging is definitely a great outlet for venting!

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