Take the sugar-free challenge!

May 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

This is what will be getting me through the next month, because as-of yesterday, i’ve decided to cut out processed sugar (which I try to do anyway) PLUS refined natural sweeteners, like Maple Syrup, Honey & Agave. I’m going to try and only sweeten with fruits themselves, and also with Stevia (which I have talked about here) because it is a completely natural, non-GI affecting, zero-calorie, candida friendly choice.

I realise fruit also has naturally occurring sugars, but I think this is an important challenge for me because I am like a wild animal for sweets, and need to kick the crack sugar addiction ASAP. Realistically though, I rely on fruit for snacks, desserts, breakfasts and smoothies, so it would be crazy-ape bonkers for me to try to shun them from circle too – it’s not sustainable at this point!

Let me take you on a little journey to explain the method behind the madness:


  • Last 6 months: I go NUTSO for this stuff. Agave; sweet sweet syrup from the same plant that brought you Tequila – villain of many-a messy night out.
  • Last 2 months: Articles about the AGAVE CONTROVERSY start cropping up, here, there & everywhere. I am worried, but prefer to enjoy my nectar in feigned ignorance, because it has become my answer to the sugar addiction, and I throw it around willy-nilly in so many recipes it’s hard to count.
  • Last month: Skin breaks out viciously. I have no answers seeing as I believe my hormones to be in balance, my diet to be clean & myself to be generally happy and loving life. Start to implement home-sleuth detective scheme to get to the bottom of the mystery skin apocalypse. Continue to consume agave like a bear to honey.
  • Finally start to realise Agave may be detrimental after reading this article by Fran at High on Health.
  • With Sherlock Holmes powers of deduction, begin to wonder about the connection between the high levels of fructose in agave and the subsequent toll on my liver (which we know is a vital organ often at the root of acne & skin problems). ALSO (with my tendency for bizarre health theories) thought that maybe since starting the Dandelion Tea (which is meant to detox the liver), this brought about a bit of a purge that was more-or-less continuous since I was simultaneously consuming large amounts of agave.
  • SO the moral is, i’ve cut out Agave for now, and feel it is another example of the importance of researching something thoroughly before making it a dietary staple, and also not being so heavy-handed in your consumption of anything for that matter.


…is that ANY sweetener, whether natural or otherwise, will ultimately not be the best choice for our bodies, because sugar is sugar! And it is a substance that our body can only handle in moderation, and with care. Having a sweet-tooth makes it therefore, just that little bit harder to be truly healthy…but it’s not impossible! That’s why i’m going to try and minimise my reliance on sugary-tasting foods and aim to curb my taste for delectable desserts and the like.

One step closer to bonne santé!

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