Happy Mah-jah’s day!

May 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

How did you spend your mothers day? I gladly trekked back to the homeland to see my beautiful creator!

On the road again (hillbilly banjo plays).

It was a cracking day, and driving back in the early morning was v. peaceful…tunes were cranked, and in-car dance moves were busted. I have a habit of dancing like a maniac in the privacy of my car, only to realise my windows are, in fact, transparent! People have been known to applaud my efforts from passing vehicles…oh the shame!

Boredom sets in.

Reunited with the majonator!

We took on the growers markets, always a favourite Sunday morning outing. Mum & her luvahh!

There was a classic trio of good-old-boys. Great atmosphere.

Perfecting my ability to capture the most inopportune Kodak moments – mouth full of some fresh, local morsel.

A bounty of organic produce; heavenly!

They say you aren’t meant to eat things that are any bigger than your head. Can I make an exception for these gargantuan portobello mushrooms?

I was famished after all that fresh air and ethically sound shopping so I cooked up a supremely satisfying lunch of steamed sweet potato, kale salad and roast veggie tapenade. (All organic; all orgasmic)

Here is the amazing home-made veggie paste. So great paired simply with the steamed sw. p.

And of course washed down with my signature glass of liquid greenery – spirulina, banana, kale, blueberry, cacao & rice milk smoothie. YURRRM!

Beautiful! Ma is 100% certified organic, bio-dynamic & free range.

We have spent the day discussing ethical consumerism, going green & fabulous healthy food! My best friend just happened to give birth to me…how lucky is that!?

Love you mum! Thanks for all the support x

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