How much exercise do we really need?

May 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was worried about coming off a bit gung-ho in my last post, what with all that talk of kicking ass and being a steely, ripped fitness junkie! So I wanted to set things straight about my stance on fitness, and also examine the exercise/food/weight relationship.

Something i’ve learned over the past couple of years, and what I truly believe, is that exercise should be about relaxation, and done to a level that you can maintain and enjoy.

I used to make myself run every. day. I wasn’t even very fit, but I forced myself go with aching calves, thighs and shins, and blind determination that this would make me lose a miraculous amount of weight. Not so! In fact, I gained weight in this time, & soon learned that working against my body was not the way I was going to become the female Rambo.

Gradually I stopped all of that craziness and focused more on my diet, by eating healthy vibrant foods in sensible portions (because another trap I was falling into, was justifying eating junk because i’d gone for a run that day – sound familiar?). I started walking in the early mornings, and took the time to be truly ‘in the moment’. Now I regularly have a break from a walk or a run, and sit like a buddha on the sand and ponder, ohmmmmmmmmmm.

But you go to the gym and run!? you say. Well, after realising how beneficial walking and concentrating more on what I was putting into my body was, I slowly took up running again because I’ve always sucked a hellluva lot at it, and love a good challenge! The difference is, I give myself rest days, make sure I’m feeding my body the right fuel, and see it as a chance to de-stress and relax, as opposed to the means to an end (ie. the way to become thin).

Gorgeous! I could sit there all day.

What I mean to say, is that you have to be gentle with yourself. If attending booty camp at 5am every morning is leaving you cold, try simply focusing on getting outside and going for a lap of the beaches, or park, or peaceful suburban streets. Concentrate on your diet being nourishing and strive to be healthy – the rest will follow.

Have a great day mes amis!


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