Kick ass meals to re-fuel yo’ ass after kicking ass at the gym.

May 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

Can you tell I went and saw Kickass last night…?! Had heard such a lot of hype about how great it was, but unfortunately the bf and I were decidedly underwhelmed…I hate when overly high expectations effectively ruin a movie!

Anyway, onto the topic of the day – the importance of eating enough when being iron, gender-non-specific, humans. The past few weeks, my flatmate and I have been hitting up the gym every week, just for something different. I’m normally an outdoor-exercise kinda gal, and also a dirty cheapskate who has always insisted that you can accomplish everything you would at the gym, at the beach or park for free! And if I really want to stare at my guns in the mirror whilst PUMPING IRON, I can do so in the privacy of my own room!

But it has been really refreshing to take a break from my solitary runs/walks and have a bit of a sweat-filled social outing each week – and i’m amazed at the effectiveness of being able to measure your performance on the treadmills, and even in Pump class by being able to lift more weight. It’s really upped the stakes in my fitness regime (not that it’s particularly serious) and it’s exciting to see results!

This week is the second time i’ve run on the treadmill, and I just tried to better my time for 4km from last week. To my surprise, this week I ran 5km in the same time as the 4km from last Wednesday! I was stoked! I normally go running a few times a week just around the beaches and sometimes to babysitting etc but never over a measurable distance, and definitely not with any real goal or committment. But this has turned the tide and I fear i’m well on the way to being running mad.

So the 5km run in about half an hour (not too great, but working on it!) is my warm up for Pump class, which is an hour of different weight-training exercises timed to hideous, repetitive pop music! Sounds amazing, no? But i’m so so happy i’ve got the chance to actually do some proper resistance training again, because we all know that muscle burns fat and in turn boosts metabolism! And NO, you will not turn into a chiselled man-beast by doing weights – women generally don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up that noticeably. Instead, weights will leave you toned, more resistant to injury and with a steely badass aura.

Damn, I was hungry after that effort. So I came home and promptly created a delicious no-cheese-please vegan pizza delight!

This time I topped it with:

tomato paste, basil & pepper


baby spinach


fresh baby eggplant

artichokes (simply in brine)


cherry tomatoes

hummus, savoury yeast & tumeric ‘cheese’


hot-to-trot chilli sauce

I kinda felt like I was coming down with something on the day of the epic gym sesh, so I went with the philosophy of ‘run it out’. Hmmm, not sure if this is sound medical reasoning, as now I have actually gone downhill…but nothing more chilli, garlic, and super-foods can’t mend!

The next day I was like a BLACK HOLE. I needed energy to replace all the fuel I’d lost being a crazy woman at the gym. I decided the best way to fill this aching void, was with some delicious pancakes of the Oh She Glows variety. Spelt, banana & cinnamon pancakes to be exact. You won’t regret making these.

Holy mother of yum, they were SO GOOD. Just what I needed 🙂

I feel weird eating more since i’ve been doing extra exercise, and I think this is a definite trap people can fall into when upping their activity levels. I can see myself trying to maintain my three-meals-a-day-not-many-snacks theory, because this has worked so well for me in the past. However, it’s dangerous to try and deprive your body of nourishment when you’re burning more calories, and it can either lead to you becoming under-weight, or over-eating to compensate. In this way, i’m trying to simply listen to my body’s signals for when I need food, rather than trying to be too controlling and obsessive.

For example, the day after my gym sesh, I ate spelt pancakes for brekkie; mid morning I felt hungry AGAIN and tried to ignore it, but ended up with a stomach ache which is unusual these days – so fed myself some toast & papaya. Lunch was then a big steamed sweet potato with veggies, hummus & a spinach & cacao smoothie (v. full by this stage). Dinner consisted of vegan burger patties with tomato salsa and more veggies, and I think I may have even had a hot drink of cacao for dessert. More than usual, but we have to fuel our rampaging gym bodies! Eat up my active friends!


§ 3 Responses to Kick ass meals to re-fuel yo’ ass after kicking ass at the gym.

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  • Nice eats. I am not vegan…but those options look appetizing nevertheless. Nice job.

    Its funny what you say about exercise and food.
    I try to disacciate the two now since health issues have made exercise basically nonexistent for me. But I still need to eat (a lot) , its a mental battle really – but have to honor the body!

    Nice blog.

  • bonne_santé says:

    Hey, thanks!
    I love dispelling the whole vegan=rabbit food myth – health blogs have certainly shown me the light in that respect!
    And of course, honoring the body is what we all need to do more of, so power to that!
    Just read your blog; I can really relate to a lot of the stuff about food 🙂

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