3 new recipe finds!

April 23, 2010 § 7 Comments

Hello again friends! Thanks for hanging in there with the sporadic randomness the ole’ Bonne Santé posts! Today I couldn’t wait any longer to post these three recipes that are all mouthwatering morsels of meat-free madness! Even tested and given a seal of approval by various unwilling participants!

UNO: Lately, my attempts at vegan baking have been a little below par, what with the whole nothing-to-bind-the-ingredients issue that comes from eliminating butter, sugar, milk, eggs etc. I made the medicinal super-food cookies to take to my Nan’s on the weekend and much to my dismay, despite baking them longer in an effort to crisp the suckers up, they still formed a big conglomerate of chia/goji goo as soon as I put them in a container. I took them anyway, and my Nan, supreme baker and domestic whizz that she is, suggested I should have used butter to achieve a better cookie. Nan, the point is there is no butter! I explained again that I was doing the vego/vegan/health thing, and she nodded in understanding…whilst simultaneously offering me a sausage to go with my salad. No meat thanks! Oh, I can cook you some chicken if you’d prefer!? Nah, it’s ok, i’ll stick to plants. Alright…I get out the fish. I love her dearly, but I feel strangely misunderstood by my Nan haha!

ANYHOO! This recipe is so so so so so great that I had to share it straight away.


(adapted from Marathon Val)

1/4 c natural peanut  butter

1 c spelt flour

1/4 c flax meal

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

3 T coconut oil

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

3/4 c pure maple syrup

Easy peasy method-eezy:

Mix ingredients in a bowl – mine was a little runny but I found if I left it for 5 mins or so, the flax would bind things up a bit better. I then dolloped spoonfuls onto baking paper and baked at around 180 for 15 mins (depending your crunch factor preference).

These are best eaten fresh, with a big cup of tea & friends to share with, to save you eating the whole batch.

I baked them for the bf, however he didn’t end up coming around so I willingly acted as a human garbage disposal and devoured the lot. I shouldn’t be allowed to bake delicious treats…and was so irritated that these turned out as well as they did – SHIT this is a dangerous recipe!

DEUX: This is yet another recipe from Oh She Glows and is so delicious and easy and fun!


I pretty much followed the recipe to a T, however added in some cooked corn and also lashings of fresh lime juice in addition to Angela’s ‘Better than bottled balsamic vinegarette’. Try this – it’s one of those dishes that is really simple, quite plain in terms of flavour, but it really lets the awesome ingredients speak for themselves, and showcases an array of textures and colours. It was comfort in a bowl!

TROIS: I used this recipe at Ohh May… as inspiration to create my first vegan pizza!


You will need:

  • Pizza base of your choice – I used a whole wheat pita bread (these work well because they crisp-up nicely)
  • Pizza sauce – Tomato paste, with basil flakes & cracked pepper sprinkled over top works well.
  • Toppings – I threw spinach leaves, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, asparagus & a selection of roasted antipasto veggies such as artichoke, eggplant, olives & capsicum over top.
  • Faux cheese – Mix equal portions of natural hummus with nutritional yeast flakes, and about 1/4 tsp tumeric. You may need water to thin it out a bit. Basicially I just did this to taste, and as long as it’s yellow, you can’t really go wrong! I just drizzled this over top as well as some super hot chilli sauce that made me breathe FIRE!
  • Baked for around 20-25 mins at 180 but i’m notorioulsy vague with all measurements/oven-temps so i’d reccommend you use your initiative and keep checking to make sure it’s ok!
  • Once out, I drizzled with a bit of tahini, and chowed down until the whole thing was but a glorious memory of the delectable dishes you can create SANS CHEESE!

Have fun cooking my pretties!

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