Major backlog catch-up!

April 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oh my goodness, so much has happened on the health front since I last entered the blogosphere! To tell you the truth, i’ve been avoiding intimate relations with the computer screen for over a week now, and strangely enough the bloodshot, crazy-stoner eyeball syndrome that I was mysteriously experiencing has gone away! Ahhh what a horrible irony that my health blogging led me to look like a totally unhealthy, sleep-deprived, addict-type. What’s a girl to do? Well, I’m going to do the unprofessional thing and dump everything into the one post, because there is a helluva lot to share!

First things first. I just got home from an exceptional meal with my work chums, who also happen to be amazing, nutritionally-savvy, healthy-minded people themselves. We decided to go to this organic restaurant in Botany called Agape and I was positively overcome by emotion when I spotted QUINOA on the menu, only my favourite grain in the entire world! This was of course, next to the spelt-based pizzas, pearl barley mains and polenta chips. Extreme. Excitement.

I ordered the Quinoa, Amaranth and barley risotto with basil and fetta. It was fab.

I really wish there were more places that catered for us alternative hippie folk, because even at this pioneer Sydney restaurant the mains were limited to one vego option, and sadly no vegan. I thank you, goat, for your offering of delicious, crumbly fetta!

Moving along, because we have a lot to get through today, class, I have been totally rocking the Tahini-porridge combo the last week or so. Tahini on porridge you say? Don’t knock it til you try it! Goes hard like a hard thing.

Have also been adding sunflower seeds as they contain magnesium, vitamin E and selenium, all great things for our skin by the way!

I found a cracking bargain in a local health-food store on Spirulina and got a huuuuuge 1kg tub for half price. This means I have up, Up, UPPED the dosage to around 3 teaspoons a day so i’ll be hoping to notice results soon with my daily algae binge. Check out the amazing colour – it’s the most beautiful emerald green.

Served with fresh young coconut, which I now open with a ridiculously large cleaver on my kitchen floor like a crazed primate. My flatmates mock me.

Took on some pumpernickel bread with hummus and tomato…have to say that even my tastebuds that are fairly accommodating of chewy, nutty and bland health food flavours, this bread will probably not make it onto my shopping list for a second time. Looks about as good as it tastes – dry, squashed, alien-bread.

Still rocking the cacao porridge of a morning – it’s awesome to make something slightly different every day and look forward to breakfast the night before.

Stay tuned for part two – added bonus for reading; there may be some kind of informative content in the next installment!

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