What foods can you NOT live without?

April 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

My flatmate and her boyfriend play a lot of very cute, and often very silly games that range from ‘Alphabetical Date Night’ (where they cycle through the ABC’s, thinking of an activity/date idea for each letter) to ‘Celebrity Death List’ where we place bets on which high profile personalities will cark it next! (My bet stands at Hugh Hefner & Prince Charles – double winnings if they die together, in the midst of an orgy with Camilla Parker-Bowles).

I’m in awe of their creativity…and the boredom from which these games must result haha! They are truly legends of the mind-bending, thought-provoking, nonsensical yet highly addictive games. I remember we all played the ‘Choose only 5 foods that you would have to eat forever’ one not too long ago – I loved to hate it. Food is my lover and choosing only 5 lonely ingredients made me weep, bitterly. Hypothetical? I took this to heart.

Bascially, there are some imaginary factors at play; you have your OWN PERSONAL CHEF so think  about food-combining possibilities, because they are amazingly adept at culinary magic. Ok, so 5 foods that would not taste like vomit when mixed together…right. Also, some foods such as ‘BREAD’ include all breads. What? That seems a bit unfair. Well, that’s cos it is.  I don’t make the rules. Also, if you happen to choose an animal which of course I didn’t, you could use ALL of that animal but not what it produces…eg. COW>MILK>ALL DAIRY. Hmmm, still no dillemmas there! But you can’t pick ‘FRUIT’ or ‘VEGETABLES’. Bugger. Oh, hang the rules, what i’m asking is WHAT THE HECK WOULD YOU PICK?

I’ve been a-thinkin’ and it’s doing my head in and making me a sad panda. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of any foodstuff! But…shortlist below.

Ohhhh this is fun!


I remember when I didn’t like Avo’s. What a deprived cretin I must have been because these are love squared. You know, i’ll admit that i still struggle to just eat a big scoop of plain avocado, naked, undressed, without lemon or another topping, but oh the versatility! I make avocado pasta, avocado dips, avocado salads, avocado smoothies, even avocado chocolate pudding – this to me is a premium fruit. With beautiful healthy fats and fibre and GREEN (yes, that’s a nutrient) these are first in my mind of sensational, amazing, wonder-foods.


I’ve spoken about my love affair with this amazing little grain before – it’s certainly versatile. I’ve already made quinoa bread and porridge and savoury dishes, but you could also create quinoa ‘milk’, quinoa pasta and quinoa flour. Winner!


C c c c CACAO beans! A gal needs chocolate, and what better than the original – only the most INCREDIBLE superfood in existence! I add cacao powder to everrrrrything as you probably know, and my life has done a backflip since realising CHOCOLATE IS HEALTHY. Real, unprocessed, unrefined, un-messed-with, chocolate. Yes. Please.


This is brilliant because it includes my beloved Goji berry! I eat berries everyday and think they’re one of the most beautifying and delicious additions to any diet.


Probably more in love with coconut than I have ever been with any food. They are truly amazing and i’d be happy to live off them for the rest of my life! They produce water, milk, cream, oil, dried goods… and the shells can double as bra’s, hats, buckets, shoes, weapons… CHOICE!


Attempt it if you dare – i’m off to seek some counselling, this has left me broken and confused 😦


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