New health finds…and struggling to fit them into an already choc-full eating schedule!

April 10, 2010 § 4 Comments

Surrrrp! Compensating for my total lack of posts by posting twice today! Also seeking any means possible to avoid dealing with the teetering tower of uni work in front of me on my desk…eep!

I’ve started drinking Dandelion Tea. I’ve heard about it’s amazing detoxifying health benefits and it’s ability to reduce water retention. My decision to incorporate it into my daily diet maaaaay also have been informed by the fact that Miranda Kerr drinks it, and look where it got her!!! Own results pending. It’s great though because unlike Green Tea which I also drink, it doesn’t contain caffeine so I can throw back a big mug of it before bed and it doesn’t keep me awake. Oh, but running to the bathroom 5 times a night does…did I mention it’s a powerful diuretic? I’m liking it so far, but it does have a very strong flavour that I personally sweeten with a couple of drops of Stevia. I certainly don’t love it like I do my precious green tea and variations of, but it tastes like…scorched dirt cleansing!

I’ve mentioned Stevia in another post, but I have started buying it again, mainly for the Dandelion tea.  It’s really amazing stuff – I use 2 tiny drops in my tea and it tastes really sweet…unfortunately there is a subtle aniseed flavour that I find a bit off-putting, but I think if you use the right amount in recipes it does a fairly good job of replacing sugar. The reason I tolerate it’s unusual taste is because it doesn’t have an impact on blood sugar levels and is therefore an intensely awesome substitute for every other sweetener. Baby steps, baby steps to learning to dig it!

It’s definitely hard to try and fit all this nutritious, delicious goodness in every day, so i’ve been keeping a food journal to try and make sure I get at least my daily: Spirulina & Chlorella, Green Tea, Dandelion Tea and Green Smoothie. Oh, if you were wondering, I also take a vitamin B12 supplement, and this other thing called Juice Plus+ – I used to work for the company and basically they distribute powdered fruit & veg in capsule form. I’m a little sceptical of the merits of this ‘supplement’ but seriously, the minute I stop taking it I will come down with something, not to mention I’ve seen a marked decrease in illness, seasonal colds etc in the few years that i’ve been taking it. Placebo effect? Maybe. But it’s not doing me any harm (that I know of!) so going to keep on with it for now.

Looking over the food journal, I think I need to eat more RAW foods and probably drink more water judging by the amount of diuretic, pee-inducing fluids I consume. Wanna see?


  • Cacao oatmeal with berries, walnuts, apple & coconut
  • Green tea
  • Handful grapes
  • 4 small pieces of ‘Incredible Hulk’ quinoa & spirulina bread w/ avocado, almond butter
  • Green smoothie with baby spinach, orange, apple, cucumber, celery, spirulina & chlorella.
  • Homemade vegan satay with brown rice, tofu & vegetables.
  • Dandelion tea, frozen banana pieces & more grapes! (NO GRAPE IS SAFE IN MY HOUSE!)


  • Berry, chia, apple, walnut, coconut oil & coconut porridge w/ agave.
  • Green tea
  • Apple
  • Leftover veggie satay
  • Huge raw salad with steamed corn, 2 slices of Hulk bread with homemade hummus, tomatoes & nutritional yeast.
  • Young coconut smoothie with spinach, berries, spirulina & chlorella.
  • Dandelion tea


  • Banana, cinnamon, chia seed porridge with sunflower seeds, apple, almonds & coconut.
  • Green smoothie with orange, celery, spinach, cucumber, apple & spirulina & chlorella.
  • Buckwheat pasta with avocado & spinach ‘pesto’.
  • Few raw cashews
  • Quinoa with fresh chili, lemon & ginger, topped with tofu. Salad on the side.
  • Snacked on a few almonds, grapes & an apple.


  • Coconut milk, cacao & berry porridge with chia, apple, almonds & coconut.
  • Green tea
  • Delicious pumpkin seed sammie with homemade hummus, avocado, tomato, tofu & lettuce. Carrot sticks on the side.
  • Green smoothie with banana, orange, celery, spinach, avocado & spirulina & chlorella.
  • Dandelion tea & few raw cashews.
  • MYSTERY DINNER! But it better be soon….i’m RAVENOUS!

There you have it…my daily eats. I never count calories anymore but I try & plan each day so that i’m not eating a bunch of the same stuff, or heaps of heavy grains etc.

All this talk of food is making me crazy! Better go and sus out the culinary options, but I have a bad feeling i’m running low on stock AGAIN after a mere 3 days. Sheeeeeeesh!

§ 4 Responses to New health finds…and struggling to fit them into an already choc-full eating schedule!

  • Han says:

    Yay for new posts! I have to admit I have been eagerly awaiting the! Your diet is amazing. Can I come and stay with you and have you prepare food for me? Hehe

  • bonne_santé says:

    Haha funny you should ask because I am so obsessed with cooking for people – probably a combo of getting to eat half the end result, and also trying to show them that vego food can be delicious and satisfying too! So smug when devout carnivores (ie. bf) say with surprise ‘that was ACTUALLY good!’ Ohhh yeah!
    How’s the budget coming along? x

  • Elly NaanBread says:

    like the theme. it’s more you.

    also. do your work bitch!

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