Vegan Easter Bonanza! And other exciting food news.

March 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Happy impending Easter to you all! I really don’t get into this holiday, seeing as i’m pretty sacreligious in general…and have a blanket ban on ‘normal people’ chocolate. I’d much rather my raw cacao concoctions! I also have a profound question to ask…are Easter bunnies vegetarian?!?! It seems to me that eating an animal is eating an animal! Hah.

You may have also noticed the increasingly vegan spin on this blog – it’s really funny how things progress, and not that it has been a conscious choice, but for the past couple of months I haven’t been eating any eggs or dairy or animal products at all. When I actually considered it, I felt that going vegan would be something I’d seriously take on. It would be the next level of eating ethically of course, but for the most part I simply think that dairy does not agree with me. Obviously, I’ve never been able to stomach milk, but even just cutting out things like cheese, yogurt & cottage cheese has made me feel so much healthier! I don’t get allergies anymore whereas before I’d wake every morning and have to take a Zyrtec. Score!

A tasty exception was last night’s effort – Jarad took me to this AMAZING Italian restaurant in the city that was all swankified and of course, had no time for picky little vegans. So what was I to do but order the pumpkin, pistachio & ricotta lasagne, followed by a trio of heart-stopping desserts, soaked in the finest red & white wines? Afterwards, with dress was at maximun capacity and food baby gestating, I had a newfound appreciation for my regular ole veggie hippe diet. But it is awesome to indulge every now and then 🙂

Me & the J-man, refusing to smile.

So today I’ve been baking up alterno anti-Easter treats for my friends & family. I’m such a feeder…I love to force my crazy foodstuffs onto/into innocent people! For my grandparents, I created a batch of experimento Cacao-chia seed-spelt cookies. They go orrrrrright. But I really must stop giving people un-tested goods, because for one, the first batch is usually a little off, and more importantly, I take it upon myself to give each recipe a thorough taste-testing…y’know, just to make sure it ain’t poisonous! Result: ALL I HAVE EATEN TODAY IS COOKIES! Aww sheeeet, after last night + today….feel the serious guilts creeping in. But must not engage in silly diet talk!

For these babies, i found a basic recipe here at Green and Crunchy, but did some tweaking to arrive at:

1 1/4 c spelt flour

1 tspn baking powder

1 tspn baking soda

1 tblspn of each: flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds

couple of tblspns shredded coconut + same of cacao nibs

2 tbspns raw cacao powder

1/4 c coconut oil

1.5 tspn vanilla

2 tspn pure maple syrup

1/3 c agave

1 tspn cinnamon

splash of rice milk as mixture quite thick

Method: Mix dry ingredients together in bowl, wet in separate bowl, adding oil last. Mix together, and form into cookie shapes on oiled sheet of baking paper. Bake at around 200˚C for 11 mins. Cool on wire rack.
These turned out OOOOOOKKKKKKKK but a little crumbly. Think it’s because I didn’t make a ‘flax egg’. Anyhoo, i’ll still give them to the unsuspecting grandparents and see what they think of their freaky deaky grandchild’s baking skills…or lack thereof.
Next up, I plagarised some more of Angela’s recipe goodness, and made Banana-apricot-spelt muffins for the lady I babysit for.  All I did differently was used Buckwheat flour & raisins instead of apricots. I also didn’t have baking soda…I feel this was a bit of a failing. But again, after testing 1/2 the batch and declaring them fit for human consumption, I packaged them up for another homemade Easter gift!

I customised these little brown-paper bags, it was fun to be doing craft – took me back!

She’s also just had a new baby, so I wrote a bit of a blurb on the pack…mainly to explain why they may taste a little ‘funky’…but assuring her it was for her own good!

It’s really wholesome and nice to make things for people instead of just buying gifts all the time. It takes a bit more planning but I know myself i’m always very flattered if someone has gone to the effort to create something personal, as opposed to an expensive present.

Slightly off topic, I was SO SO SO EXCITED today to finally source some KALE at a local fruit & veg. shop. Usually the only place I can get it is at the markets, but I am stoked that now I can start buying it and adding it to my smoothies everyday! It’s an amazing food.

I’m also slightly obsessed with mung beans. Aren’t they aesthetically pleasing? And really tasty in a salad.

Finally, my proudest moment of  the past week – the resounding sucess of vegan mac & cheese. Yes, VEGAN. LOOK, IT’S YELLOW! Again, thanks to Angela I will now be making this at least 2-3 times per day. It is sooooo good!

Well, i’ve bombarded you with enough madness for now – have a happy non-religion-specific Easter and don’t forget to surprise people with homemade delights if you’re feeling particularly wholesome! Peace out.


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