Road testing the best (and healthiest) blogger desserts!

March 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ever wanted to try ‘chocomole’ but were too sceptical that a dessert so unique & healthy could be tasty? (For newbies, the affectionately titled ‘chocomole’ is an insanely healthy dessert made from…avocados! Yesir! Read on…) Have you refused to acknowledge raw cookies as a viable alternative to everyday, fatty, sugary, baked ones? Have you ever felt like pancakes on a Sunday morning, but decided they were just too darn naughty? Read this post for inspiration and discover the amazing array of sweet treats you can make that are packed full of super foods and will not exacerbate skin conditions, undermine weight loss, or result in a spontaneous case of diabetes!

First up, i’ve made raw cookie balls before and posted about them, but I decided to try a new recipe from perhaps my favourite food blog Oh She Glows. You can find the original here. These are so great. As you can see, I was characteristically lazy and not only subbed in cacao nibs instead of making my own choc chips, but also did not form the dough into any recognisable shape, instead content to eat it straight from the bowl with a spoon… and alacrity!

And with the help of our favourite tragic heroine, Tess.

Next up was something i’ve been so so so curious about ever since I stumbled across it oh, I don’t know, about 7 thousand times in the blogosphere! The fame of the avocado-based chocolate pudding has spread far and wide, and today it was time to liberate myself from the shackes of that whole avocado-is-not-a-dessert notion and make up for 21 years of lost time shovelling this awesomeness into my gob!

Again, I used another of Angela’s recipes found here but Gena at Choosing Raw has one as does Averie at Love Veggies & Yoga. It was really really tasty, and it’s true, you can’t taste the avocado!

Finally, a sunday favourite, stack ‘o pancakes! I made this recipe from the amazing food blog Sweet Beat & Green Bean and boy, they were delicious. I also made them for 2 friends and they both gave a resounding (if a little stifled with all that pancake in their face) ‘TAST-EE!” Perhaps they were just being nice, but I’m claiming two outta two!

Oh dear lord, save me from myself.

Making berry, water & agave reduction for some over the top drizzle action.

So friends, want to know the best thing about these sweet treats?! They each have no sugar, incorporate super foods and are animal & animal product free! Start thinking about how you can replace sugary cravings with these types of snacks, because i’m sure you’ll find them a delicious substitute! I certainly did…SO FULL! The things I eat for the greater good eh… talk soon! x

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