Recent eats and attempted meaningfulness about dieting.

March 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey friends!

You know, I would post on here A LOT more if it didn’t take a mind-numbing age to upload photos with wordpress. Does anyone else have this problem? Well, I’m moving beyond the rage to bring you some more snaps of my recent gastronomic adventures!

I have this app. on my iPhone called Vegan Yum Yum and it’s a really cute little thing with delicious looking vegan recipes, so i made it my mission this week to try a couple. I made this Nearly Raw Tahini Noodles the other night, but thought it needed some adjusting. I’ll post the recipe anyway as I still quite enjoyed it (after I added more Tamari and lemon juice & copious amounts of fresh mint and coriander) so if you’re making it just beware that it needs a bit of surgery to bring it up to salivatory standards.

You’ll need (to make; a shitload):

200g whole wheat spaghetti (I think this would work equally as well with any healthy noodley doodley food you can find)

2 small carrots, shredded (I grated mine)

1/4 head green cabbage, shredded

1 stalk broccoli, cut into v. small florets

handful of fresh mint, chopped (I used a heap of coriander too)

sesame seeds

For the Tahini Sauce:

1/4 cup tahini

2 tbs Tamari

3 tbs water

1 tbs Agave

1 tbs Rice Vinegar

1 chopped chili

1 tspn Dijon Mustard

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Cook you noodles, rinse & set aside
  • Shred carrot, cabbage, chop broccoli & herbs
  • Mix together ingredients for sauce, toss with vegetables and noodles
  • Garnish with more herbs, and heaps of sesame seeds

To tell you the truth, even though it’s great because this recipe is allllmost raw, save the spaghetti, I heated mine up a little before I ate it, cos it just didn’t taste right. I don’t know if this one’s a keeper….but definitely makes a stack so i’ve been using it for pre-packed lunches & dinners which is handy.

I’ve of course been guzzling ugly green drinks that are my favourite thing in the entire world, and making particularly tasty ones with:

1 banana

handful frozen berries

handful baby spinach

Spirulina & Chlorella

topped up with rice milk

Continuing to pack dinners and lunches due to cursed night classes and a severe lack of any spare time at all. I took this for dinner last night to my audio class – mashed sweet potato & a big sprout salad with lemon to squeeze over.

Sunny happy Tupperware dinner!

How delectable is sweet potato? I mash it with a splash of rice milk, a bit of butter (cannot find earth balance vegan margarine yet! Devastated) lashings of salt and pepper, and the secret ingredient….nutritional yeast flakes! This is a recent acquisition that may leave you positive that i’ve gone too far & am now scoffing yeast and claiming it’s a food. It is! It is! It’s not yeast like, beer yeast, or like…yeast infection yeast…but it is a kind of yeast that looks like yellow fish food/parmesan cheese and it’s great for vegans because it’s fantastic for you (lots of B vitamins and awesome amino acids) and adds a cheezy taste to dishes. So I add about a tspn of this little guy to my mash and it makes it taste of parmesan!

As always, changing up my oatmeal every morning! This is a particularly mouth-watering batch that i’ve been making.

oats cooked on water

when almost done, add 3 tspn chia seeds

handful frozen mixed berries

tspn coconut oil

topped with apple, walnuts, goji berries, coconut flakes & agave


Moving on from mouth-watering cuisine, there’s something that’s been plaguing me for, oh, I don’t know, EVER. It continues on from when we were talking about weight loss, and I think i’ve suddenly realised the most important, stellar, number one thing that holds people back, and keeps resurfacing in my own ‘journey’ to better health/weight loss. It’s guilt. Eating out one night and feeling like you’ve ruined everything…having a week of eating leftover birthday cake…late night snacking on your housemates stash of Arnott’s family assorted… (I am waaay too familiar with this behaviour…). Then because of this, engaging in negative self-talk and carrying around a whole lot of guilt that you’re a failure and you’ll never succeed in being healthy, or thin, or whatever. This is something that STILL gets me, every time.

For example, a few weeks ago I felt on top of the world. I weighed myself for the first time in eons and realised that since the same time last year, I’d lost 6 kilos. Woah! Awesome! Great! Maybe a little embarrassed that I was 6 kilos more of a person not too long ago… But anyway, I felt really happy and confident and like I’d reached a point where I could be comfortable with myself. How long did this elation last? A depressingly short time, because it happened that I ate some dessert, or binged on almond cacao cookie dough balls for a few nights, and POW I felt like I’d let myself down, started telling myself that I was already fatter, and what do you know, it became a lot easier for me to reach for another treat because I considered my good work already undone.

It’s sad that this is the case for so many of us. We wouldn’t talk to someone else in that derogatory manner, so why ourselves?

So I made it my mission to end the fat talk, because in fact, feeling guilty and terrible only facilitates bad habits, as we are not respecting ourselves and aren’t finding happiness in our health.

When I was feeling particularly dismal, I decided to get out and be active to try & allay my big mopey aura. I went on a run that felt so good; it was beautiful, I realised I was fit, healthy and strong, I was looking like a big goofy idiot with a grin plastered across my face because I was out doing something positive, and relaxing, and appreciating our glorious coastline. I told myself I looked great and healthy. Instead of saying to myself, ‘you’re getting fat again, you’re going to feel like shit and be a slave to food forever’, I changed it to ‘I have attractive, feminine curves, and feel strong and healthy and am doing great things for my body’. I thought then that no matter how you see yourself, I can guarantee there is someone who thinks you’re gorgeous. I know this because I have friends who battle with their appearance daily, but to me, all I see is amazing hair, awesome eyes, beautiful skin etc. People don’t do the nit-picky thing of thinking ‘oh gosh, her features are slightly disproportionate’, they see things about you that are pretty, and in this way, all my friends to me, are stunning.

So Oprah-esque, inner-journey talk aside, I just wanted to point out how hugely important it is not to be horrible to yourself, because even though you’re only saying it in your head, those negative affirmations are manifesting themselves into general feelings of hopelessness and unhappiness. Challenge yourself to think nice things about your body & appearance, and though it may sound silly at first, it is much more constructive than feelings of guilt or frustration. You’ll find that once you allow yourself to be happy and content, wanting to be healthy will come naturally – and if you’re trying to lose weight, positive thinking will work wonders.

Your mission? Respect yo fineeeee self. Good luck!


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