Including more veggies in your diet & replenishing your weary self after a night out!

March 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

Howdy health fiends! I’ve been trying to post today but my browser kept crashing, so I took it as a sign…that I really need to invest in an external hard-drive so all my shite stops clogging the electrical arteries of my darling computer. But we have success! And in honour of St Patrick’s day, i’ve created a decidedly green theme for this entry.

Green is my new favourite colour. It sounds silly, but drinking green smoothies and eating lots of vibrant, fresh green veggies is really generating some seriously peaceful hippy trippy vibes for me.

I made a HUGE batch of veggie smoothie to drink throughout the day yesterday, which included:



frozen berries





goji berries

spirulina & chlorella

water to dilute this potent living beast of a juice

I’ve been thinking that I need to step up my daily dosage of the Spirulina & Chlorella from what was advised on the bottles, because after researching it, it seems a case of the-more-the-merrier with my algae friends. So double doses for me! I’ll be glowing a nice shade of nuclear green in no time!

Yesterday was a particularly good day for veggie consumption, and I’ve been realising more and more the importance of trying to base a majority of what I eat around alkaline-forming fresh produce. What I mean by that is (and i’m still not too well informed about this food science) but it’s 1000 times better for our bodies to try and eat foods that do not produce acid in our system – this is what causes premature ageing, fatigue, disease, all those things we know and loathe. Alkaline-forming foods like vegetables, citrus, sea foods (dulse, kombu), sprouts, millet, quinoa are non-toxic for our bodies and help to cleanse & detoxify. They also do not create mucus (who wants to be a big phlegm head?) and contain alkalizing minerals like magnesium and calcium. Foods like dairy, alcohol, all processed things, bread, meat etc are ‘acid-forming’  and should be eaten in moderation.

So yesterday, after my breakfast super-oatmeal ritual, I downed green smoothie, and had a big salad with a rye bread tortilla & hummus & MORE salad inside for lunch.

I then packed my dinner in advance because I was babysitting, then galloping madly straight to night-class. On the menu was ‘mystery’ quinoa (every time I cook quinoa it’s a culinary surprise!) which had fresh ginger,  chili, spinach, broccoli, red-onion, lemon, olive oil and other random flavourings paired with yet another monster salad.

With my green smoothie (double batch!), lunch and dinner efforts, I really gnawed through a large chunk of the contents of my crisper! I seriously can never have enough fresh fruit & veg to keep me going more than a few days.

Anyhoo, last night I was a dirty stop-out tired little thing dragging myself home at 10.30am this morning after not coming home…I always feel like I need to rejuvinate straight away when I get back after a night with less sleep than usual (and later breakfast…I was feeling pretty darn anxious to wrap my face around a big spoonful of porridge by mid-morning! Nanna trait #1). Plan of action? Superman change into stretchy pants/top, mini-facial with some exfoliating and moisturising action, big drink of hot lemon water, then onto more important matters like CHOCOLATE PORRIDGE.

Cacao porridge made with:

wholegrain oats


3 tsps chia seeds

frozen mixed berries

heaped tspn cacao powder

topped with chopped apple, walnuts, almonds, coconut & agave nectar

Mmmm choc berry bonanza!

Needless to say, I coupled this with three zillion cups of green tea, and later on, a big green monster drink.

For lunch I had 2 rye tortillas, baked into pizza-like creations.

I put tomato paste, shredded spinach, salt & pepper & basil for the sauce, then topped with tomato, zucchini, red onion, mushroom, capsicum, avocado & nutritional yeast and baked for about 10 mins. Pretty darn tasty!

I’m hoping to blog about cutting out sugar, and more on weight loss soon! Hope you’re all cooking up creative new things and exploring interesting food options!


§ 2 Responses to Including more veggies in your diet & replenishing your weary self after a night out!

  • Hannah says:

    I find your blog totally inspiring! I am a vegetarian, and while my meals are generally really healthy, I am terrible when it comes to snacks. While I don’t usually purchase unhealthy snacks myself, I find it pretty much impossible to say no when they are around. Also, I would love to convert to a diet such as yours, but my current state of poor-uni-student-destitution is stopping me. I realise you are a student yourself so would like to know how I can buy all these super foods on a budget!

  • bonne_santé says:

    Hi Hannah! Thanks so much for the feedback! Re. snacks, it can be hard because people tend to take offense when you refuse – I’ve had plenty of disgruntled friends take their cookies elsewhere! But you’re ultimately in control of what you eat, no-one else, and you’re allowed to say no! For me, because I tend to ‘crack’ once I eat one little bad thing, I have to go cold turkey and just put a blanket ban on junk/snacks – sounds extreme, but sometimes it just takes a couple of weeks of being a hard-line nazi to break the habit, then you’ll find it’s so easy you’ll never even think about it.
    In regards to cost, I know where you’re coming from because I admit I do spend a lot on good food. In saying that, I pretty much never buy food when I’m out, and don’t spend money on alcohol etc – i’m of the opinion that it balances out. Allocate a certain amount for groceries and compare it to if you were buying lunch even 2-3 times per week – eating out adds up fast.
    Anyhoo, rant aside, hope you keep reading and feel free to drop me a line at any time! 🙂

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