I spy green pie!

March 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well HAI there foodinis!

Sorry for the total lack of posts (save my very thoroughly researched and painstakingly crafted shopping list post)…working two jobs, going back to uni and generally being the busiest girl in the world has moved the blog-child down on my list of priorities!

So….stuff’s been good, y’know, good ‘n stuff. Been making an effort to have my mega veggie & Spirulina/Chlorella smoothie each day, pack every meal and generally eat like a monk. Wow, it only takes a few days of stepping it up a notch for the skin/hair/eyes to be noticably brighter & shinier! I also resurrected my berry fetish, especially after dinner. I’d gone a bit astray of the ole berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries) but immediately since i’ve started eating a lot more each day, my skin is really soft and caressable (go on, touch it!).

I’ve just finished reading this book, and have found my theory that bald guys generally know a lot of cool shit, still applies. I think when you read ‘health’ books, you obviously need to pull out the things that resonate with you, and not everything Andrew talks about is useful for me (eg. he is of the ‘soyyyy iiiiiiis gooooooood’ school of thought) however I found it to be truly enlightening and a very interesting account of the failures of Western Medicine and the importance of exploring alternative/natural therapies.

One of the strongest messages that came out of reading this book, is the problem with modern medicine in that it is geared towards ‘disease’ (as opposed to prevention & healing). Dr. Weil reminds us that the body wants to be healthy, and there are millions of tiny, amazing processes that go one every second inside each cell that are truly remarkable, and make the human body so adept at healing itself. Many western practices of chemotherapy and courses of antibiotics actually supress the body’s natural healing mechanisms…these are not intuitive approaches at all, and work against our highly evolved physical responses.

There is a lot more to it than that, and i’m sure i’ve explained it pretty ineffectively, however it was an amazing read and has changed my perspective in regards to treatment options for disease and chronic illness.

I’m also reeeeaaaaaalllly excited because my Mum and her lovely man are coming down to spend the day with me tomorrow, and so I thought i’d take the opportunity while they are under my roof to force raw vegan foodstuffs upon them.

I made two things from Kimberly Snyder’s blog – a recent discovery. Raw cacao truffles & raw spirulina slice are on the menu!

I ate way too much of the batter while I was making these last night, and now I can hardly look at them. They are actually really rich & chocolatey and don’t taste like funky health food at all. They’re meant to be rolled in dried coconut, but it doesn’t really agree with Mum so instead I used ground walnuts. Search for the recipe on Kimberly’s blog – it’s really good and a sure fire way to convert skeptical friends!

I also made raw spirulina pie. WHAT?! Green slice? Yes. It is green, and I had to abate my own cynicism before trying it. Again, it is actually really sweet and turns out kind of cheese-cake, ice-cream like. I think it’s really yummy, but damn, it’s sweet. Miniscule portion required!

The amazing thing about both these recipes is that they contain NO sugar, and a bunch of superfoods like Spirulina, Coconut oil, nuts and Cacao.

Well, off now to walk around the coastline with my good friend Nat – destination, this delicious frozen yogurt place that is like the healthy (er) equivalent of Cold Rock – they even have Goji Berries!


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