Groceries & planning meals in advance.

March 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

What an incredibly banal title! Grocery shopping seems to be the bane of many people’s existence, but for me, it’s a highlight! Perusing the aisles, reading labels and generally being in the midst of a big shed full of edible goods is still a novelty for me, 2+ years after moving out of home.

Yesterday at the store I made some colourful purchases:

I tend to keep these things on hand in my pantry:


Brown Rice

(Fresh) Singapore Noodles

Gluten free rice or quinoa pasta


Red Kidney beans




Brazil Nuts

Coconut Flakes

Chia Seeds

Raw Cacao Powder

Goji Berries

Dulse Flakes (seaweed)

Agave nectar

Wholegrain Oats


Pure Natural Maple Syrup


Flax seeds


‘Moutain Bread’ Rye Wraps (these have like, 3 ingredients and are my one bready substitute)

Organic rice or almond milk

I always have a stock of:



Frozen Berries


Leafy Greens



Sweet Potato



Young Coconuts (recent love interest)





Kale (if i can get it)



So…now you’ve got the low-down on my most intimate shopping secrets! What a blog post, ‘my glorified shopping list!’

Spending so much on groceries however, does necessitate using everrrrrything up and not having any wastage, otherwise it’s just dead money. I also think you can plan most of your meals in advance and pack them, whether you’re going to uni, work, wherever. This saves you heaps, and again validates the higher shopping price when you’re buying an abundance of delicious produce and health foods. I still hate the argument that buying healthy food is inherently more expensive, because a) why not spend money on your health? It’s all we have really…once that’s screwed, then you’re done-diddly-un-for. B) It’s not! People who say that generally buy 2 out of three meals out a day, and that adds up fast.

Oh, did I mention that I LOVE Agave?

So what’s a typical day of pre-planned, packable,  snackable, mack-able meals for me?

Well, just because I love to bore you with the mundanities of my day-to-day existence, here’s a sample:

Breakfast – BIG bowl of cacao porridge (Oats, Chia Seeds, 2 tspn Cacao, Frozen Berries, sliced apple & walnuts, LSA, Coconut Flakes & Agave nectar)

Green Tea

Mid-morning snack – 2 brazil nuts, few almonds, half apple left-over from breakfast

Green Tea

Lunch – Mountain rye bread wrap with home made hummus & salad w/ green veggie smoothie (daily Spirulina & Chlorella intake)

Dinner – Herb & lime quinoa and a mother load of veggies

Still got the munchies? – Berries, grapes, papaya…some fruity delights.

Good packable meals include:

Avocado Pasta

The trusty salad:

Well, my chums from Newcastle just spontaneously arrived on my doorstep, so better go and hang with these beasts of impromptuity…new word.

Peace out hombres x


§ 2 Responses to Groceries & planning meals in advance.

  • Elly NaanBread says:

    …. they didn’t bring me 😦 I’ll hate Dj Dutch forever for this.

  • bonne_santé says:

    I know! When they arrived I was all like ‘so…seen Ellen lately?’ and they said….’oh, totally should have brought her…DOT DOT DOT’ 😦

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