I scream for….Quinoa?

March 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Quin…what? If you haven’t heard of Quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wa) i’m not surprised. I hadn’t until about a year ago, and since then we’ve shared a love so intense I feel jealous just posting about it…just for the record, it’s mine. BUT i’ll let you try it out, just this once.

I’m shocked there isn’t a more mainstream market for this amazing food (technically a seed) because it’s nutritionally one of the best grain-type things you can eat. It contains an almost perfect combination of all 8 amino acids, is gluten free, is high in protein, calcium, and even some B vitamins!

This is what it looks like uncooked:

It turns out quite similar to Cous Cous, but it’s much easier to cook because it comes out fluffy and delicious every time. It’s the 1 cup quinoa, 2 cups liquid rule, so you can’t go wrong.

I will just say however, that for ages I was cooking it and thinking ‘why does this taste so bitter and bad? I know it says to RINSE IT WELL before cooking, but i’m just going to ignore that…’ You know what i’m like – any directions, recipes, things that get in the way of the food in my belly are disregarded. DO NOT DISREGARD THIS! I finally rinsed it a while back, and realised you needed to in order to remove the saponin which is a bitter tasting coating that is on the quinoa pre-washing. How embarrassing.

Anyhoo, it’s really versatile. Last night i cooked some up in veggie stock, added some fresh coriander, chili, red onion, almonds, lime & EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil). It went pretty hard. Not sure about the almonds & flavour combo in general, but seriously you could put anything in Quinoa and it tastes great. I’ve even made porridge out of it…yum!

Other recent eats include:

Roast potato in coconut oil (sounds weird, but works! And smells out of this world) with chili.

Lots of steamed veg:

Apple and natural Peanut Butter…always a favourite snack!

Will continue weight loss stuff asap, bye for now!


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