Losing weight: Why it can be a lot harder than just ‘cutting out junk’.

March 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been wanting for a while to write about weight loss because I know for a lot of people, it’s a defining factor in decisions to eat healthier and exercise. It’s sad that it takes dissatisfaction with our appearance to trigger the pursuit of health, but sometimes it’s just the kick in the jelly you need!

I was always quite a healthy person in that Mum consistently fed me good food as a little tyke, and there was a focus on exercise and getting out and about, but throughout high school and when I left home, I tended to binge on things and give no thought to what or how I was eating. Luckily (in hindsight) my poor battered body couldn’t take the punishment anymore and about a year and a half ago, I actually put on noticable weight (for the first time in my life…eeek!). This threw me completely, as i’ve never really been a watch-what-i-eat, weight-myself-religiously (slash, ever) kind of person. Suddenly, I felt really uncomfortable and self-conscious, and hated going out every day. I think a lot of people experience this horrible, debilitating feeling of being ashamed of their appearance, but often don’t know what to do about it.

If this sounds like you, this is the course of action that I personally took to try and get back to a point at which I felt at ease in my own body, because nobody should feel crappy about themselves – confidence and contentedness with our physical appearance may be one of the biggest factors in leading a happy life in general. Unless you are a completely grounded, amazingly unaffected person with no hangups, then…kudos!

Also, I’ll just preface this by saying it has taken me over a year to truly establish what works for me, and why I put on weight in the first place. It takes time to find what resonates with your body… changes to your diet and exercise routine will work, but it may take a while. If you’re serious about losing weight, you’ll try anything and everything, and understand that it is a slow, continual process. This has been a really hard thing for me to grasp…but now, after so much research and to-ing and fro-ing with calories and diets and all things health, I feel great and can accept that i’m pretty much at the best weight for my body. I’ll never be stick thin, or super leggy, or flat-chested (tear), because you can’t change your genes….you can however, make the best of what you’ve got!

This is going to turn into a blog of epic proportions, so i’ll leave it there for now, but expect part 2 soon!

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