Going coco-loco!

March 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Young coconuts have been popping up a lot on food and health blogs alike, and I thought it was about time I ticked them off my ever-growing list of super foods to try (honestly, how am I meant to fit in consuming all this amazing stuff every day?!). I’ve seen those white, pentagonal-looking things in the supermarkets but didn’t actually know if that was what I should be eating…turns out, it is! You can even buy them in the chilled fruit & veg aisle at Coles! They are quite expensive at $2 a pop, considering they don’t yield a heap of coconut water & flesh, but after only 2 days of having them in my fridge, I am unashamedly hooked!

(Note – these aren’t the husky old brown ones  that you see stacked up in piles all hairy and hollow-sounding – they have lost much of their nutritional value and don’t have the same tasty water & flesh as the young white ones.)

I was amazed to learn that in the Pacific War, soldiers actually used coconut water for blood transfusions because it has the same electrolytic composition as human blood – elixr of life anyone?! Because of this isotonic awesomeness, it’s a natural ‘sports drink’ so to speak. It has a host of health benefits that you can research, but it is namely very high in magnesium, potassium and calcium while still being low in calories and containing NO cholesterol. The white flesh that you scoop out of the inside is also highly nutritious…I find it really soothing to eat, and when I was researching it, I found that it is given to people with digestive complaints like IBS & leaky gut. This is a seriously versatile and delicious fruit.

I thought i’d share with you the most obscenely tasty smoothie recipe ever, period. This is even flatmate/carnivore/junk-food-fanatic proof.

1 banana

about half of the white inside flesh of a young coconut, along with half the coconut water

2 tspn cacao powder

a generous slurp of agave (to taste)

fill it up to desired level with milk substitute (I use almond milk or rice milk)

blend your little heart out

IT IS SO INSANELY DELICIOUS – CANNOT GET ENOUGH! People won’t believe you when you tell them this is 100% healthy – downright nutritionally amazing in fact.

In other news,  following recipes has been working out well for me lately, how bizarre! Thought i’d share with you a recipe I followed to a tee from the Tal Ronnen vegan cookbook that my thoughtful friends bought for me. (You may have seen it on Oprah…don’t let this put you off – just means it’s idiot proof)

I made this for the boyf. Let’s just say, food is always more impressive when it’s been formed into a tower…this is food sculpture I tells ya! If you want the real recipe, message me (is that allowed? am i infringing copyright? well, keep it on the DL…), but its basically quinoa for the base (flavoured with heavenly things like coriander and lime), with fresh avocado, baked sweet potato, cajun tortilla crisps and this funky tomato and coriander jus (sauce? this is much more than just a sauce my friends). So I am definitely going to try my hand at this following-a-recipe business more often – ends in success and satisfied house guests!

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