Sea change.

February 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

We’ve finally moved! The whole water-damage/rental nightmare/squatting catastrophe is behind us and we are left with sparkling new paint and freshly laid, open-for-spillage, foot-friendly carpet! I’ve also got some really exciting new food experiments to share with you, but this post is mainly to justify my temporary abandonment of all things bonne, and all things santé. (If you’ve been wondering, that means ‘good health’ in French, by the way!).

As a housewarming gift, my Mum, the beautiful amazing and generous human she is, bought me the Alessi bird kettle that i’ve been coveting for quite some time. I was thinking of buying it a few weeks ago, but was promptly reminded by Mum that it would be a ridiculously extravagant purchase for a destitute student type, and I should really think about whether I wanted to spend in excess of $200 on a kettle merely for it’s aesthetic orgasmicness. I was also starting to wonder how great it is for me to be boiling water in a crummy old plastic kettle everyday, that looks to be on it’s last legs. Anyway, she is completely fantastic and now my pretentious whim of possessing designer kitchenware is a shiny, whistling reality.

The specimen of lust:

My very own:

Some pics of my new room…Hub of organisation:

SO HAPPY with my room! Light and bright and aaaaaiiiry!

Lamby & Totoro sleeping on the bed (which doesn’t have pillowslips yet…oops). Hayao Miyazaki fans will appreciate the Totoro plush! And I made Lamby out of two old socks, and sewed sleeping eyes on him so it’s a bit of running joke that he has narcolepsy…and everyone has to be careful ‘not to wake Lamby’. Needless to say, Lamby is probably everyone’s favourite flatmate.

Well there you have it! Not so much relating to health, but I guess a change can make you feel like a new person (to resort to the old cliché)! I’ve been using our gas-stove & oven to create some amazing things today, and even un-cook some raw recipes, so stay tuned for recipes and ideas to come very soon! I hope everyone is feeling this happy and healthy right now, life is good!


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