Found: local growers markets!

February 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am as excited as a skinny vegan with a big, lentil pie right now (thought the fat kid/cake analogy needed updating)! I’ve been hunting around for some decent produce markets because although I buy all my fruit & veg from this awesome green grocer, I don’t think it’s organic. You might wonder why people go on and on about the organic thing – I know I did. It’s almost become a bit of a marketing ploy to whack it on the label and people instantly think ‘health-food’. Well, in that sense I think it’s a bit overused, but basically organic foods have been grown to a set of approved standards in which no artificial fertilizers or pesticides have been used. It is also anti-GM and aims to farm produce in an ethical, environmentally conscious way.

Now that i’m having so many juices and fresh fruits & veg, I want to make sure that i’m not inadvertently ingesting chemicals or pesticides that have been sprayed on the produce, and I also want to support local growers and eco-friendly practices!

I went to some markets at Bondi Junction last week, but they were pretty shameful – there were a couple of f & v stalls, all of which were proudly displaying signs that read ‘NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC’. Why even bother?! Today though, I went to the ones at Fox Studios. OH MY GOD they are so amazing! I spent waaaaaaay more money than I should have, but I just can’t say no! In that sense, markets are really not the most economical mode of shopping for me, because as soon as I ask the price I feel obliged to buy it anyway in my supremely assertive way!

This is the loot I came home with:

My flatmate LOVES pasta and pesto..ha. So I bought her this organic, fresh pasta with pesto to boot.

Macadamia and pumpkin bread….I’ll get back to cutting back on wheat once i’ve devoured this beauty.

Vegan pies, amazing!

I finally found Kale! I’ll be adding this to my vege juice today and telling you how it goes!

Little organic naaaaaanies.

Corn! I love corn to death – I know people avoid it sometimes because it’s one of those ‘bad’ vegetables that has big scary carbs, but if I want to enjoy a huge steamed cob of it, I will! And I love putting corn kernels in veggie patties and stir-fry – and even vegetable pastas. I’m definitely pro-corn!

Oh how I love buying fresh food…next week though, i’ll be ready to score some bargains as opposed to buying every tasty treat in sight. I’m such an impressionable shopper…!

I would highly recommend seeking out some growers markets in your area because it’s a really rewarding experience to carry your little enviro-bag around, laden with fresh, clean produce and chat to the stall owners. For those in Newcastle, there are some excellent ones at the showground every Sunday that are well worth a look.

Peace out!


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