Happy home times; exciting new purchases; first raw meal concoction.

February 14, 2010 § 4 Comments

Apologies in advance for the length of this post! I’ve had a full-on couple of days in which i’ve set some goals for my health, and also bought exciting new super foods, or ‘weird shit’ as my flatmate would call them (!!) to add to my pantry.

I went home to my Mum’s yesterday, and it was soooo nice to be there, if only for a day! You know that feeling when you go back to your parents place and everything is so new and pristine and…habitable. Ha, totally making it sound like I live in a slum, but right now with all our boxes and half-packed, half-spewing-out-onto-the-floor crap lying everywhere, it’s nice to be part of a working household!

We went to the organic growers markets in Newcastle this morning…I so wish there was an equivalent in the Eastern Suburbs (that I knew of) because it’s really nice to chat to the people who actually grow the produce, learn where it comes from and even how long ago it was picked.

Mum bought this glorious bunch of fresh roses from a nice old man. What a luxury, having flowers in the house!

The sweetest-smelling pineapples in the world.

Little organic carrots – cute!

Old-school hanging bunch of garlic.

Portobello mushrooms. Huuuuge! think of what you could do with these babies..

Calm leafy balcony goodness.

Apart from the joy of being back home, the past week or so i’ve been in a pretty bad place in terms of feeling stressed, gross and disorganised. I might have mentioned that my skin has had a bit of a breakout which is unusual for me now…needless to say, I hate having bad skin seeing as the whole facial package is already offensive enough! So feeling gross and oily with the humidity, hating on my hair which desperately needs a cut and some blonde action (to combat my inner ranga) and all our shit is everywhere in the apartment and I tend to think that the state of your living quarters can reflect/inform your life in general – ie. it’s a MESS!

Was really bummed when I went to my friend’s 21st last night and just felt like i’d been smacked around by Chris Brown with the ugly stick – I hate going out and being preoccupied with your appearance, so vain and useless. So I made the decision then and there (after i’d dealt with the birthday cake/cupcakes) that I would really really focus on my diet for skin reasons (even though i’m sure this breakout is a temporary side-effect of stress + humidity) and try to get more raw food into my day as well.

Also thought of some other things to try & achieve:

  • Eat less fruit (i know, i know, sounds weird right? But actually you can eat too much as fruit still contains fructose which is a sugar, and you shouldn’t be eating 10 servings a day, which I have been known to do…)
  • Focus on vegetables and try not to include carbs in every meal.
  • Keep up with my veggie juices adding Spirulina and Chlorella (NEW PURCHASES!!!!) for extra butt-kicking action.
  • Eat minimal dairy & wheat (already do this anyway, but good to be mindful)
  • Try to eat 1-2 raw meals a day; expand repertoire of raw food ideas.

Phew, feels good to have a plan of attack!

So here is my precious Spirulina and Chlorella that I bought this afternoon. NOT CHEAP, that’s why I haven’t been getting them before this, but the health benefits are way too amazing to ignore and i’m going to see what the difference is after a few months.

AND just before I go: my lunch – a big bowl of RAW pasta made from zucchini, carrot and that avocado sauce from a couple of posts ago.

You can even twirl it on your fork like real spaghetti!

And let’s not forget the purple monster veggie smoothie that was afternoon tea:

WOAH you guys are thinking that looks pretty unappetising right now…just a hunch. I love how it’s bubbling like a big cauldron of goo! But really, to me it actually tasted really good. Better than normal even, and it was a mix of; beetroot, apple, orange, cucumber, celery, carrot, brazil nuts, spirulina and chlorella.

Feeling better already! Off now to do the anti-Valentines day Valentines day thing with my b/f. Well, i guess it would be more non-conformist if we didn’t see each other at all, but i’m sure we can have a big fight or something, or stay in and watch horror movies and stick it to the commercial, cheesy, lame day! Happy boycotting to you all!


§ 4 Responses to Happy home times; exciting new purchases; first raw meal concoction.

  • iAmCosmos says:

    Wow! Sound really delicious. And spirulina is really SUPER food. Much Love, Patrik

  • wilbs. says:

    we all have vain days. as long as your inner is fine, that’s what really matters. your pasta looks delicious, still loving your blog.

  • Elly NaanBread says:

    Wilbs! you’re totes here! Im glad you read it 😀

    also I feel that almost everyone is boycotting valentines day. So i’d get out there and be super uber happy… just to piss the nay-sayers off.

  • bonne_santé says:

    Oh El, the reverse boycott in action! Too good!

    Yes, thanks guys for reading and posting your lovely comments! Patrik, the Spirulina is seriously that good – I’m a convert already and it’s been less than a week! What a superstar.


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