The stress factor.

February 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wanted to talk a bit today about stress, and just how detrimental it can be when it becomes a permanent, daily fixture. What’s triggered me to think about it is my current situation – moving house, the ultimate stress-fest. I’ve been so relaxed and happy lately that i’d forgotten that a year or two ago, when I suffered from a bit of anxiety and just general mopey-ness after moving out of home and struggling with the side-effects of a particular allergy med (don’t even get me started…) I was having a lot of stress-related symptoms. It sounds strange but I’d have restless sleeps and then wake up with pins and needles in my arms or legs – totally bizarre, it was like my circulation was that of a 90 year old cripple.

With me stressing for the past few days about the logistics of moving out, and into a new place on the same day all before 3pm, some of these things have started to reappear – I hadn’t even noticed that I’ve been living so stress free. My skin has been really oily and gross the last few days as well as my hair, and this morning I woke up with the ol’ dreaded dead-limbs again.

This made me think about an article I was reading the other day that quoted something like 80% of all diseases can be linked back to stress. It is something that is just so disruptive for our bodies, hormonal systems, blood pressure, you name it. So if nothing else, I want to make an effort to minimise stress wherever possible, because I have felt instantly unhealthier the last few days because of it.

As an aside, Mike Geary who is behind the ‘Truth about 6-pack Abs’ (not as gung-ho and useless as it sounds) wrote an interesting article about a chemical called Neuropeptide Y (NPY) that is produced by your body when, you guessed it, it’s exposed to stress. This chemical can actually promote the production and enlargement of fat cells, so sometimes people who no matter what they do, cannot seem to lose weight, may have hidden factors working against them. Stress is the enemy.

So in anticipation of today’s manic events, I got up at around 6 (after not enough sleep, and temporary limb paralysis) so I could go down to my beloved beach one last time before we moved. I also needed breakfast because all our stuff is packed and the kitchen is a sparkling off-white (hey, it’s never going to be perfect).

I went to this great juice bar at the beach that does fresh juices and museli’s and offers all kinds of wholesome options, and scored this beetroot, celery, carrot, ginger and spirulina concoction.

Just happened to capture this parade of chiselled athletes on camera, nothing sus.

Delicious Bircher Museli, with apple and almonds and raisins. I love bircher museli! It’s crazy delicious (if you haven’t heard of it before and wondering why it’s ‘wet’, Bircher Museli is basically oats soaked in juice (usually orange or apple) with added nuts, fruit, yoghurt and spices. It’s meant to be better for you due to the soaking of all the ingredients which helps your body absorb nutrients more easily).

I’ve tried to stay healthy through all the transition crap, and it’s worked so far!

Oh and P.S, when we got to our new place today with all our things, we enjoyed the pleasant experience of discovering that the steam-cleaned carpet and floorboards below had been water damaged. This equals warped, bubbly carpet that, while once flat, had turned into undulating, mountainous terrain. It also smelt like death. Needless to say there were tears, curses and general bewilderment…so now we have to kiss a whole heap of landlord ass for our current owner to let us stay another week and a half, otherwise we have nowhere to go! Isn’t this just the best time to start an anti-stress, pro-positivity diet!? No, I’m sure everything will work out, but raaaaather inconvenient if I may say so.

Signing off for now, but i’ll do a real post soon containing more than just a synopsis of my day!


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