A calming dinner.

February 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

After today’s rant about stress and my own day of mania, thought i’d share my ‘calming’ dinner menu to try and restore a bit of sanity. Days like today where I’ve been shaken out of my nanna-ish ways and forced to modify my routine leave me feeling a little undernourished…at least I had my awesome breakfast, but then I didn’t really have lunch (banana, carrot and some cottage cheese) and by late this afternoon I was feeling stomach-achey and irritable. So to rectify the food deficit, I promptly made a green tea…. (with lemon myrtle, YUM)

This pasta that was a complete experiment a few months ago, is actually a bit of a staple now. I wanted lots of cool, soothing things to eat, so it’s avocado based, and the sauce could definitely be used in raw dishes that replace cooked pasta with kelp noodles, or zuccini/carrot and the like…

I am resigned to the fact that i’m never going to be able to give you measurable quanitites of things, so in the mix we roughly have:

half an avocado

about 1 tablespoon chopped red onion

2 inches chopped cucumber

generous lashings of lemon


salt & pepper

fresh parsley

BLEND (i like it to still have texture)

I then stirred it through gluten-free rice pasta. Looks strange to have a green, guacamole-esque pasta sauce, but I dig the lemony zing with the pepper and paprika. Try it with a little parmesan, and you have a really refreshing take on the traditional pasta dish!

Served with the most gorgeous juice ever – watermelon and mint. It is just that;



as much or as little fresh mint as you like

So vibrant! What a peaceful, green-themed dinner..

This delicious meal worked a treat. I think it’s movie/reading time then off to bedfordshire. Totally exhausted!

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