Coconut balls, smoothies and pancakes, oh my!

February 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Feeling a little emotional, flat and unmotivated today, so this post doesn’t really have too much of a purpose and is more to show off the cute coconut balls that I concocted yesterday, which looked better than they tasted. I don’t even really remember what went in there, think it was along the lines of; oats, shredded coconut, agave, tahini, coconut oil, chopped apricot and walnut, coated in more coconut. Don’t really recommend it, more aesthetically pleasing than anything.

So in other news, i’ve been having a run of really good luck lately and everything’s been swell and happy, but I must have upset the karma gods yesterday because I ended up having a bit of a shocker… Work was irritating, people were irritating, but my sage old inner conscience kept reminding me that what you project ultimately comes back to you, so I knew that in many ways I was probably creating stress for myself. Anyway, I then went out with my boyfriend and his friends to an amateur comedy night, which was great aside from the fact I scratched someone’s beautiful new Toyota trying to do the most uncoordinated reverse park of my life, so on top of the utter humiliation of sharing my one-off driving vague-out with my bf and his friend, I also cost myself some money for the repairs to this poor lady’s car. (Which is pretty minor, but I left a note and thankfully she was a lovely person who appreciated the honesty and will try to minimise costs). So a bit frazzled last night and feeling sorry for myself. Also stressed about moving house on Wednesday and those dreaded logistics, but I need to just chill the hell out and go with it!

So had a late one last night, and woke up at some ungodly hour this morning, which always leaves me feeling sluggish and shameful that i’ve wasted the best part of the day. To recify, I cooked up a HUGE batch of pancakes for Jarad and my flatmate, which were wholegrain, with banana and berries and went down a treat! Didn’t take pictures as i’ve realised that lately I spend more time on my meals photo-shoot, and less time enjoying it while it’s hot. But will definitely be making more experimental and healthy pancake treats, and will make sure to capture the deliciousness on camera.

Just scoffed a huge green smoothie too, try try and give myself a bit of a lift. Work in two hours, siiiiggggh. Hope you’re all having a great Friday – the weekend is almost here and i’m hoping things will improve once I lift my game and stop feeling sorry for myself – such a princess!



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