Giving plastic the flick.

January 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love my stainless steel drink bottle…or SS Flask if you want it to sound more like a military war ship…! As you can see from the pic, it’s a little well-loved, but for 20 bucks it has been the best value and most practical item i’ve ever bought! They’re really increasing in popularity lately, probably because everyone is starting to realise all those BPA’s in plastic are not the best chemical compounds to be ingesting.

BPA’s are found in most things made of plastic, and in the case of drink bottles, can seep into the water and be absorbed by you. These levels are deemed ‘safe’ by whatever omniscient being decides what will or won’t kill us in the short term, but the guidelines are currently being revised and it’s clear that our bodies should not be exposed to any amount of foreign chemical (did i just get a bit Today Tonight exposé??).

We don’t want BPA’s in what we drink because they are endocrine disruptors and mess with our hormones (and as i’ve learnt, you want a happy endocrine system for good health). So a great alternative are these awesome bottles that, by the way, come in a range of cute and kitsch designs to suit every occasion! A great brand is Sigg. You can buy them online at the Biome store (a very cool Brisbane-based eco store) or get onto the Sigg website to find a local supplier. You’ll feel better knowing that your amazing efforts at drinking 2 litres of water a day are not being undermined by rogue chemicals.

P.S Almost forgot to mention how much good you will be doing by boycotting plastic drink bottles that ultimately end up as waste land-fill or in the ocean.


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