Comfort stir-fry.

January 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I know stir-fry is a pretty stock standard meal, and especially aggravating for those people whose cuisine we have so simplified to make it almost a ‘meat & three veg’ equivalent…(now i have totally undermined my own blog post). But, the point is..(!) this is my comfort food stir-fry that i try to make without resorting to a bottled sauce, that i thought i’d share with you! I just had it for dinner, and it’s extremely mouthwateringly delicious. Now is propbably not the time to also tell you that it’s not incredibly healthy, i mean, by hardcore bad-ass nutrient-warrior standards, but it’s choc full of vegetables and is easy as an easy thing.

Unfortunately this will be another of my vague-out moments where the recipe is the most unhelpful set of instructions possible, but you’ll get the idea! And i’m sure everyone already knows how to make a stir-fry and i’m simply insulting your intelligence…

You’ll need (for a single serve):

2 regular-sized cloves of garlic, finely chopped or crushed

about an inch of fresh ginger, also crushed and finely chopped

small red chilli, or chilli flakes to taste

noodles (I buy ‘Wokka’ thin-egg style/singapore noodles)

kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)

oyster sauce or vegetarian equivalent

vegetables (this is my ‘garbage disposal’ meal where all my excess veg is put to good use)

usually this includes:

carrot, thinly sliced into sticks





some kind of leafy vegetable like bok choy or english spinach

small amount of red onion, diced

extra virgin olive oil

How to:

1. fry, in a small amount of olive oil, garlic, ginger, diced onion and chopped chili (if you have it) until fragrant and onion is clear and slightly golden. This part is important so the flavours can intensify.

2. add in vegetables (minus the leafy greens) and fry briefly to char them. Tip in enough water to create steam (not too much or it will turn out watery), throw a lid on the pan and let it all steam for a couple of minutes, or until the water has cooked off.

3. remove lid, add greens and noodles.

4. (this is where it’s a little sketchy) add kecap manis. This is the main ingredient in the sauce, so pour in enough to coat everything.

5. add a very small amount of vego oyster sauce – maybe 2-3 teaspoons.

6. i used to add sweet chili as well, but because it’s so sugary, now i sometimes just put a tiny bit of agave if i want it any sweeter. Also, sprinkle in chili flakes as desired.

7. cook until noodles have softened – about 1-2 mins.

8. serve with green tea and chopsticks, don’t let me see any forks defiling this incredibly traditional dish…

And that’s me fed!


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